In this locality several competitions of the World Cup for alpine skiing for men and women have been disputed. It was also the venue for the Alpine skiing World Cup in 1987. The last world cup final was female and was held in 2014.
There are 140 km of slopes and in addition to alpine skiing it is possible to practice snowboarding and cross-country skiing (for a total skiable surface of 350 km), nocturnal excursions with rackets, climbing ice walls, go karting on Etang Long, fly paragliding and ballooning, parachuting.
The wide and wide slopes, one third of which can be mechanically covered with snow, allow skiers and snowboarders to go down side by side in complete safety. There are 27 lifts - cable cars, gondolas, chairlifts, ski lifts and treadmills for beginners, 17 blue runs (55 km), 20 red runs (70 km), 4 black runs (15 km). Lovers of strong sensations can have fun in a dedicated snow park or, on some slopes, even skiing at night.
On request, it is possible to book private lessons with expert qualified instructors from the best schools in Crans Montana.


It is above all thanks to golf that Crans-Montana, at the beginning of the twentieth century, has gained world renown. Crans is home to the most important Swiss Golf Club, the Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club, founded in 1906. The 18-hole course takes its name from the Iberian champion who redesigned the Severiano Ballesteros track. In September each year, Omega European Masters-PGA is held.
Another champion of the past Jack Nicklaus designed the second golf course of Crans that takes its name from its creator and is equipped with 9 holes.
The greens are in the center of the village, easily accessible on foot. In addition to these famous routes, the region has two other 18-hole courses within a radius of 20 km.
The golf of Super-Crans, in the heights of the village, and that of Noas, in Chermignon, allow beginners to play without a handicap. The routes of Sierre and Sion, in the nearby Rhone plain, offer a different landscape, as well as, further up in the valley, the 18 holes of Loèche.
Whatever your level, you will find a green of your taste in the region, immersed in a spectacular mountain setting.
To complete your golfing experience, if you wish, we can book private lessons for you with qualified instructors.


Typical are the preparations based on cheese, such as the ``croute au fromage``, (bread, wine and melted cheese au gratin baked in the oven), raclette (melted cheese accompanied by potatoes and pickles) and fondue au fromage (tocchetti) bread or potatoes infused in the melted cheese together with the Kirsch liqueur, with variants of cognac or wine), which can be accompanied with the fendant, the local white wine; for tourist use, as in all of Switzerland, fondue bourguignonne (steaks of beef infused in oil), fondue chinoise (beef or veal strips boiled in broth). Another typical dish of the Valais, like all of Switzerland, is the potato-based Rösti.


Crans Montana is the largest area in the Alps for luxury shopping.
You will have the feeling of walking a bit 'for Paris, London, Milan, or even in Dubai, Moscow or Tokyo ... more than 180 boutiques and shops, all the big names in fashion, watchmaking or jewelry are represented in Crans-Montana , as well as sports shops, where you can contact us for the latest news and the latest technologies.
Along the streets, elegant decorations and flowers in summer: Crans-Montana is a destination where pedestrians always take precedence and circulation is limited to 30 km / h.


Location known throughout the Valais and beyond, being a popular destination for international jet-set, for its worldly nightlife, especially during the winter season. Every year, around the Easter period, it is home to the Caprices Festival, an international music festival that brings together artists from around the world.